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            Finishing ceremony of the 6th generation of AMOLED production line

            Next Page Previous Page Auther: Release Time: 2017-08-29

                    Main structure of the 6th generation of AMOLED production line of Yungu (Guan) was finished in the morning of August 29. This production line was officially started in October 21, 2016, and the main structure of the plant was smoothly completed a month in advance, creating the quickest speed for construction of main structures in the industry. More-than-expected advancement of the production line construction will also accelerate its helping Hebei Province to create a one hundred billion electronic information industry cluster and to promote the speed of industrial transformation and upgrading.

                   Zhang Deqiang, who is in charge of the 6th generation of AMOLED project of Yungu (Guan) said that comprehensively advancing the construction process of such production line would further attract upstream and downstream firms in OLED industry of China to gather in Hebei Province faster, thus making new display, a strategic emerging industry cluster of strategic display type, grow bigger, improving the core competitiveness and overall strength of Hebei electronic information industry fully, and expanding the international influence of new display industry cluster of the entire China. And, the technical innovation and capability of industrialization based on AMOLED itself will also catalyze the upstream industry and market end to create more new technologies, platforms and products, stimulate the cell vitality of the overall industry and market environment, so as to realize “original technology promoting establishment of multi-dimensional industrial ecosphere” and improve the overall strength of “made in China”.


                   “Super project shoulders  “state mission” 

                   New display industrialization process of AMOLED is further accelerated 

                   Total investment amount for the 6th generation of AMOLED project of Yungu (Guan) is nearly 30 billion yuan. The gross building area is 689200㎡, which is equal to the size of 100 football fields. It is predicted to realize equipment carrying-in at the beginning of 2018, and put into operation in the mid-term of 2018. The planned productivity is 30000 tip-out per month. The output product will be dominated by flexible screens, taking hard screen into account. The products will be widely used in smart wearing, cellphone, VR display and professional display and other application fields, can effectively solve the problem of insufficient productivity faced by the new display industry, and better meet the increasingly updated demands of high-end display.


                Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region During the 13th Five-Year Plan pointed out that the area in south of Beijing was planned as a center for scientific and technological innovation, high-end industry leading area, regional collaboration frontier area, international exchange portal area and deepening reform advanced area. The completion of the 6th generation of AMOLED production line of Yungu (Guan) will realize industry clusters in the southern area of Beijing, form a complete industrial chain centering on upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry, construct the industrial ecology of new display and make corresponding contributions for promoting economic development in southern area of Beijng.

                 Promote “stable” advancement of new display, 

                 and construct a new growth pole for the electronic information industry of China

                It is understood that the shipment of flexible AMOLED smartphone panel reached 161 million pieces in 2017, and that the productivity of AMOLED will achieve rapid compound growth by more than 20~30% each year before 2020. Now, its application in the field of smart terminal has been opened for a long time. In the future, AMOLED has the opportunity to develop in television, tablet PC and even emerging virtual reality devices. The completion of the 6th generation of large-scale AMOLED professional production line of Yungu (Guan) not only marks the overall technical level of the new panel display industry has leaped onto a new stage in mainland of China, but also provides help for the ever-increasing demands of the industry.


            Construction goal of the 6th generation of AMOLED production line of Yungu (Guan) being achieved as scheduled marks that the construction engineering of such project achieves important staged achievements, and also lays a solid foundation for smooth implementation of mass production of subsequent projects. After mass production of the project is realized, it can effectively propel application of new display and promote co-fusion of multiple industries, breed more emerging industries, develop a new economic form with scientific and technological innovation to form “display economic effects” and quicken the pace of AMOLED technology becoming mainstream technology of the industry and AMOLED application becoming the mainstream application in the market.

            The large-scale production line for the 6th generation of AMOLED of Yungu (Guan) being put into production plays an important role in improving the development pattern of electronic information industry of our country, provides not only continuous power for “made in China”, but also a new growth pole for the electronic information industry in China, and has the milestone significance in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei government creating a world-leading new display industry base and promoting updating the display industry in China.

                  The technical team and Visionox develop simultaneously to provide a solid backing for comprehensive and pragmatic development of the production line

            “Science and technology are the foundation for prosperity of a country, and innovation is the soul for progress of a nation”. As a technical support for the large-scale professional production line of the 6th generation of AMOLED of Yungu (Guan), Visionox has deeply developed its main business in the field of OLED for 21 years. At present, Visionox has obtained more than 2700 patents in aspect of OLED technical patent. Visionox is also responsible for formulating and modifying 2 OLED international standards and 2 international standards for flexible display in aspect of OLED international standards, and leading to enact 5 OLED international standards and 3 OLED industrial standards. This makes the technical performance of Visionox lead in the world, and provides core drive for its innovation.


            At the same time, Visionox is speeding up the process of technical innovation hastening achievements transformation in aspect of OLED products from basic study to pilot development to mass production oriented by mass production. Making a breakthrough from basic study on technology of hypersensitive fluorescent device technology and other OLED materials, achievements of high pixel density and flexible OLED and other innovative technology, pilot test and mass production technology tackling, these all lay a solid foundation for development of industrialization.

            From advancement of technology research and development, to PMOLED supply being the first in the world and operation quality of the large-scale production line for the 5.5th generation of AMOLED achieving the best, Visionox opens the global market business with broad prospects, constantly expands the market of new products while consolidating and developing the market of advantageous products, making AMOLED enterprise of China occupying a market share in the competitive pattern of the world.

            Fast marching of the 6th generation of AMOLED large-scale production line project of Yungu (Guan) is an important step for simultaneous strategy of “technology, product, market” of the technical supporter Visionox. Smooth completion of the production line will lay a solid foundation for the product to enter into the market quickly.

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