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02/18/10 03:38 AM #1    


Michael Lockard

Welcome to the Francis Joseph Reitz High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/19/10 11:15 PM #2    

Debbie Baggerly (Moore)

The site looks great and is pretty user friendly.

02/21/10 02:23 PM #3    

Sherry Nickens (Lechner)

Mike, Kudos, this is a great web site! Nice job!

06/09/10 05:32 PM #4    


Kalah Georgette-Vowels (Georgette-Vowels)

It's a very challenging task to pull off a reunion date and all of the activities surrounding it.   All we can do is try to do our best to make it an event to remember.    For the record, this is the first and only reunion that we have had in the fall.   We did not try to mess with the school year especially when we were much younger because of children.   But we are older now and most of us have children at least out of diapers!    The committee decided to go for it and combine this event with a football game (since our team is so great again) and really try and make it special.  So I personally am sorry to those that wanted to come in the summer.   We didn't mean to cut anyone out.   I hope you will reconsider and get a sitter and come! 

09/13/10 03:48 PM #5    

Richard Bromm

I am finally glad to be able to attend a reunion.  All the previous events were held while we were on our summer vacations.  I must admit it is nice to have Grandma around to watch our youngest (5th grader).  Looking forward to seeing everyone!


09/14/10 08:47 PM #6    

Beth Clark (Carnahan)

Hey, Class of 1980 Friends!!!  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.  You know, we're all old enough to just enjoy one another by laughing at the good times, shaking our heads at the silly things we did, and singing the old songs that we still know all the lyrics to.  I'm bringing some old West Terrace pictures that boast our before make-up and hair look and guys in geranimal suits.  It will be fun.  Until October...take care.--Beth Clark Carnahan

09/16/10 11:40 PM #7    

David Mangold

Wont be able to make it.....horses and cows wont feed themselves.  Hope everyone has a great time........and maybe drink one for me  :>  I will be in E'town sometime in early Nov.anybody that would like to gave a drink maybe get a crowd together for a nite on the town just drop me a line.....C-Ya

09/17/10 08:45 PM #8    


Sara Caldemeyer (Crane)

Sara Caldemeyer,Crane the site looks great. Quick question is their gonna be a certain area class of 80 needs to sit at football game just curious. Thanks Sara

09/27/10 12:36 AM #9    


Ann Jochum (Ennis)

Women of the Cynthia Heights Class of 1976

(and incidentally, Reitz Class of '80),

Girls Breakfast: Saturday, October 16, 8 a.m. at The Merry Go Round, on north Fares Avenue --- Big enough for a group to seat and many great inexpensive plate breakfast options. (Diamond Avenue at US 41 -- turn south on Fare Avenue (old 41) .... go about 1 block and it is on the left....

If you are coming, let me know ....

09/27/10 12:40 AM #10    


Ann Jochum (Ennis)

Another reunion opportunity ----

Catch a quick tour of the "new" Reitz...and take a minute to remember the "old" Reitz. Tour, before the game, Friday, Oct. 15. 5:30 p.m.

All your favorite halls, nooks and trophies... The auditorium, big gym, and all those stairs! Looks inside bathrooms with no smoking, try find your ...homeroom, media center (still features Mr. Hammonds)!

MEET FRIDAY OCTOBER 15, 5:30 p.m.. Meet under the area of the school now known as "The Link"... just ask someone and they will point the way. Tour departs at 5:35. We'll be out before 6:30 for the game. (might want to get your seats held before the tour... it is Mater Dei after all!).

10/07/10 10:07 PM #11    

Karla Kaltofen (Uhde)

 Hey Ann,

Count me in for the Cynthia Heights breakfast get-together!

10/12/10 01:58 PM #12    


Kim Wade (Reed)

Hey West Terrace Wildcats,

Are we really going to be outdone by those folks from Cynthia Heights?  If anyone is in town early Friday maybe we could run over to West Terrace Drive and take a look at the school.  I am sure none of our former teachers are still teaching, but I think it would be a hoot to see the school again.  I don't think I have been there since the mid '80's. 

10/17/10 09:30 AM #13    


Lori Wright (Schutzius)

Oh what a great evening I had.  The group who planned everything did a great job.  I am so looking forward to 35.  It was so nice seeing everyone again.

10/19/10 06:36 PM #14    


Michelle Good

A Great Big Thank You to everyone that helped plan the reunion!!  It was a blast!!

Michelle Good

08/31/20 02:17 AM #15    


Jan Settle (Hills)

Sorry guys - but it is just too much for me to get on a plane to come to EVV for the reunion!

I will miss seeing all of you!


Jan C Hills (Settle)

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